All Tomorrow’s Girls

It's hard to stay mad, when there's so much beauty in the world. ━American Beauty


Taner Ceylan


Me swimming in Cirali 32×50cm- oil on canvas/2004 □Taner Ceylan (Via Define Irony?) ドイツ人画家。この方の作品は、お好きな方はどうぞ…という感じ。

PAUL WELLER is Gorgeous!!

□The Jam - Eaton Rifles - 1979 □The Jam - Town Called Malice □The Jam - Going Underground TOTP エプロン?? □The Jam - In The City 1977!! □The Jam - Marc Bolan Show - All Around The World Live 司会がマーク・ボラン!これドーナツ盤持ってた。…

Howard Schatz

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