All Tomorrow’s Girls

It's hard to stay mad, when there's so much beauty in the world. ━American Beauty


From The Air

Good evening. This is your Captain. We are about to attempt a crash landing. This is your Captain--and we are going down. We are all going down, together. And I said: Uh oh. This is gonna be some day. Big Scienceアーティスト: Laurie Anders…

it's winter and you don't love me anymore,

Klaus Kinski and Pierre Clémenti during the shooting of "Zoo Zéro"

Carlos Freire(Portraits) ただならぬ雰囲気の俳優──というより怪優の2人。 クラウス・キンスキー - Wikipedia Pierre Clémenti ピエール・クレメンティクラウス・キンスキーは、寺山修司の映画『チャイナ・ドール/上海異人娼館』で最初知ったのだが、とに…