All Tomorrow’s Girls

It's hard to stay mad, when there's so much beauty in the world. ━American Beauty


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自分から発する何かが、誰かの魂に火が点し、その炎で自分の身体まで温められる、そんな機会を手放す人はまずどこにもいない Twitter/m

Nuns Drink Beer, Take Selfies

(Via) Watch These 'Nuns' Drink Beer, Take Selfies and Dance On Dugout At MLB Game

Beethoven, Sonata para piano Nº 15 en Re mayor Opus 28 Pastoral. Daniel Barenboim, piano

ダニエル・バレンボイム(Daniel Barenboim) // '; $(this).replaceWith(video); }); // ]]>