All Tomorrow’s Girls

It's hard to stay mad, when there's so much beauty in the world. ━American Beauty


Oasis!! Brand New Video

"The Shock Of The Lightning" Directed by Julian House & Julian Gibbs. これを観た時の率直な感想は、彼らは本当にビートルズ好きだなーということ。サイケなミュージックビデオはちょっとOasisには不似合いな気もするが、曲は最高:D

Then it hit me. I’m not going to be famous. I won’t get to be a rock star. I am going to be stuck on the payroll doing work that doesn’t interest me for a very long time.

(Via) Marilyn Monroe Marilyn, 2007 (artist's website) 関連ログ:Marilyn Monroe - All Tomorrow’s Girls 追記: Models Retouching Photographs Okay?